Nominal is a collaboration between tubist Tom Curry and euphoniumist Brett Keating. The duo is dedicated to merging brass performance with electro-acoustic practices through their own original compositions, commissions, improvisations, adaptations, thievery, and loads of wires. Established in 2018, Nominal has performed throughout the U.S. and in Canada.

Tom Curry is the tuba and euphonium professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and tubist in the Wisconsin Brass Quintet. As a performer and composer, his interests include non-traditional performance techniques and settings, the application of electronics and fixed media, and free improvisation. He has commissioned, premiered and composed works for tuba in a wide variety of contexts and has been invited to perform at numerous conferences, festivals and universities. His first solo recording, Alight, features contemporary works for tuba and was released in 2018 through Summit Records. www.tomcurrymusic.com


Director of Athletic Bands & Instructor of low brass at Carroll University Brett Keating also performs as a member of Fountain City Brass Band. In the setting of Nominal Duo, his interests tend to focus on larger form music and relies heavily on improvisation and electro-acoustic technologies. Fortunate to enjoy performance invitations to concerts, festivals, and conferences throughout Europe and North America, Brett is looking forward to returning to post-COVID performances. Some highlights will include: Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand.




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